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The story of
CD Design Engineering

A shopping experience like no other

Meet Chris Dussault, a talented artist with a captivating journey. Originally from Taunton, MA, he pursued a career in Mechanical Engineering while embarking on an artistic odyssey. Now settled in the scenic landscape of Southern VT, he shares his life with his beloved wife Dana and three rescue dogs.


Art has been an integral part of his life since early childhood when he began drawing at the tender age of 2. Chris honed his skills with pencil and pen and ink drawings, but in recent years, his passion for painting with oils has flourished.


Chris's artwork reflects a deep connection to his roots, capturing the beauty of the Cape and islands where he grew up and cherished countless memories. Chris continues to enchant art enthusiasts with his evocative renditions, providing a glimpse into the natural wonders that have left a lasting impression on his heart and canvas.

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